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Prenotare appuntamento passaporto online - Italia

Verifica la disponibilità per richiedere il passaporto

May 18, 2019 ·
category: php | tags: - Dynamic DNS Updater

Manage the DNS record for your domain

March 28, 2019 ·
category: python | tags:

Scraping the web to get the best flight fares | NodeJS & Puppeteer

A Skyscanner web scraper made in Puppeeter

October 28, 2018 ·
category: python | tags:

How to make a 8D audio track with Python

Learn how to make a mono/stereo audio track to 8D Ambisonic audio track

October 28, 2018 ·
category: python | tags:

Jekyll - Add AMP Pages to your blog

Learn how to add the power of the AMP pages to your site built with Jekyll

June 25, 2018 ·
category: jekyll | tags:

Ionic - Build ios app without a mac... VM!

If you don't have a macbook or a mac you can build your ionic app with virtual machine!

December 09, 2017 ·
category: ionic | tags:

How to configure Dynamic DNS (DynHost) - OVH

How to config your local machine (eg. Raspberry) to make DynHost (service of OVH) working

December 01, 2017 ·
category: domains | tags:

Raspberry won't boot - Recover data and fix bug with chroot [ubuntu]

If raspberry won't boot and it's caused after you installed upstart, you can use chroot for make backup or fix the whole image

June 01, 2017 ·
category: bug | tags:

Automatically setting up and connect Raspberry Pi to a Wifi network

Automatically setting up your raspberry to connect to your wifi, with a static ip or DHCP! Only via SSH tunnel!

May 17, 2017 ·
category: raspberry | tags:

How to backup all collections from mongodb (raspberry)

How to backup all collections and database from mongodb istance hosted in server (in this case on raspberry)

February 16, 2017 ·
category: mongodb | tags: